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Yoga for People with Chiari



Next class series starts!

Monday January 23, 2022

11am - 12pm Central Time

8 Weeks 



On Zoom.  

Small Groups.

Live or Recorded.             

Drop-ins  $22


"I can’t portray enough how life-altering this class was for me physically and mentally through a very dark time.  I am forever grateful, Stephanie, for your encouragement and mindfulness in helping those who suffer with disabilities!


I began taking a TBI Chair Yoga class a few months ago from a Yoga Teacher named Stephanie in Memphis, Tennessee.  Truthfully, I was frustrated with my limitations the very first session and logged out early of the Zoom class in tears.  Stephanie called me after class and encouraged me to try again as other classmates were also TBI limited.  I did, and even stuck with it for 11 more weeks!  I feel such a mental exhilaration when taking class and afterwards.  I look forward to class each week and now know ways in which I can help myself feel better throughout the day."

~ Natalie, Yoga Student, Chiari I, Decompressed

Start Where You Are

This class has been designed especially by and for people experiencing Chiari.  Feel stronger in body and clearer in mind with this weekly chair yoga program!  Learn tools to cultivate new habits to feel better more often. Each class will build on each other to improve the neuroplasticity of the brain with mindful yoga, balance, breathwork, energy movements and a growth mindset. 

Class is for those needing a low impact wellness class at various levels of mobility.  Must be medically stable and able to partake in exercise.  Caregivers, medical providers, loved ones and friends are welcome to join! 



Photo Credit:  Ziggy Mack


Photo Credit:  Ziggy Mack

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Stephanie Congo is honored to have recently been nominated to the Governor-appointed Tennessee TBI Advisory Council by Governor Bill Lee.  She has been selected as the survivor representative on the council.  This is a two-year appointment until December 2023.

If you have questions regarding these classes please contact her by telephone at 

(901) 573-4522 or by email at

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Check out Steph's YouTube yoga videos!


"Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing."   

- Barry Finlay

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