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Yoga Class Schedule


These classes are ongoing and held weekly in 2023. 

When one series ends, we start another one.  Small group classes are paid for by the series.

If it's your first time, you are welcome to pop into a class to see if you'd like to continue.

They are held in-person or virtually, LIVE and on ZOOM.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Mondays   11am - 12pm Central Time

Suitable for beginners and those with Chiari, MS, Parkinsons and TBI's.

(3 levels of instruction options are offered)

$160 / 8 weeks

Moderate Chair Yoga

Wednesdays   9am - 10:15am Central Time

Suitable for people with a regular yoga practice and moderate intensity.

$160 / 8 weeks

Energy Medicine Yoga Series

Mondays 6:30pm - 8pm Central Time

Suitable for people that are new to yoga or have a regular yoga practice.

Includes the Energy Medicine Yoga book by Lauren Walker.

$200 / 8 weeks

"Fostering community and connection through yoga, energy, movement and meditation."

Please contact Stephanie Congo to register or to set up additional group classes.

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