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Ukraine Assistance in Memphis, TN

We are excited that Stephanie has been gifted a generous $5000 to get the Ukrainian House underway!  


This program has been created to offer Ukrainians movement and healing sessions on an ongoing basis.  It is our intent to provide a space to deepen a sense of peace within so that they may feel comforted and supported despite the war occurring in their home country.  

There are over 100 people from Ukraine currently living in Memphis, TN.  There are approximately 12 Ukrainian families staying at St. Jude on medical visa for care for their ill children.

Photo Credit:  Ziggy Mack

Additional donations are currently being accepted so that we can continue the program.  Our goal is to reach $60,000 in the year 2023.  A $4000 donation will jumpstart the fees associated with starting a new non-profit.  A $1000 donation offers 5 individual sessions, 1 large group yoga class and 1 small group healing movement workshop per week.  A donation of any amount is welcome and appreciated.  Please contact us today to help us reach our goal and help support our sisters and brothers!

The services that are currently being provided on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis are: 

    - Group yoga classes  (1 hour)

    - Small group restorative workshops followed by chamomile tea  (2 hours + )

    - 1:1 Relaxing healing sessions  (1 hour)

This page has been created as a landing place for people to offer services, share updates and accept resources to offer moments of peace to these individuals. 

Kalyna Howard  is a Ukrainain - American citizen and has been connecting with Ukrainian families living in Memphis, TN since February 2022, when the war started between Russia and her home country of Ukraine.  Ukrainian House will be a non-profit designated to provide services in the midsouth area.  She is a translator and offers worldwide aid support services.


Kalyna is the point of contact for this assistance program and can be reached at (901) 302-7280.

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