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Want to Soar?
You are tired all the time?
Can't sleep
No energy at certain times of the day?
in pain?
Do You Have: 
Traumatic Brain Injury?
Heart problems?
or just feel old?
You may be able to obtain more relief, decrease symptoms and enjoy your life more
I am highly trained and skilled in many modalities and give private sessions specifically designed for you, which can include:
Therapeutic yoga instruction, Energy Medicine sessions for general but particular wellness for you, Shamanic and Theta Healing,
in addition to the public classes I teach.
If your business is interested and would like to have classes, please call me. 

Reach for the stars and soar.  When you  make up your  mind, you're going to really fly!

~ always great to have inspirational friends ~

Would you like:
Private Therapeutic yoga sessions?


Do you want to:
relieve stress in your life?
calm your mind?
improve your posture?
have less ache and pains?
have more balance?
reduce your side effects with your drugs?
use natural treatments in addition to your prescription drugs?

Website Under Construction.  Please proceed with trepidation and come again soon!

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