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Individual Kids Yoga Sessions

Group and individual kids classes for the Fall 2022-2023 school year

will be held at the following locations:


Grace St. Luke's School

Grahamwood Elementary School

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School

Germantown Municipal School District


deadline Tuesday January 10th, 2023

deadline Wednesday January 18th, 2023

deadline Monday January 9, 2023

deadline Wednesday January 18th, 2023

next series starting Spring 2023

"Stephanie is here to work with the next generation."

Daniel LaMontagne,

Memphis Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor



The top responses for the favorite parts of Yoga Club have been:   

Silent Seconds      Yoga Bingo      Pebble Meditation     &     Everything!

  • Kids Yoga Club meets after school for 30-50 minutes. 

  • We practice group activities, share fun stories, sing yoga songs, do breathing exercises and have guided rest time. 

  • All classes will include activities to strengthen the children’s skills in focus, movement, balance, communication and teamwork.  

  • Classes are built on the foundational concepts of co-creation, curiosity and play by the students.

  • To be fit for yoga, students need to have very good listening skills, be respectful, stay on their yoga mat, do their best and have fun!

  • All kids classes are held in-person out of Memphis, TN. 

  • Individual sessions may be in-person or on video call.


Ms. Stephanie has a tremendous reputation for instructing kids yoga and inspiring students through fun movement, meditation and mindfulness. 

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Please contact Stephanie if you would like to set up classes for your school or neighborhood.


These small group classes are ongoing in 2022-2023. 

Gentle Chair Yoga

Mondays  11am - 12pm Central Time

Moderate Chair Yoga

Wednesdays  9am - 10:15am Central Time

Please contact Stephanie Congo for registration or to set up additional group classes.


Teacher - Staff - Adult - Senior Classes

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