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Reach for the stars and soar!  When you make up your mind, you're really going to fly!


I am honored to welcome you

to my online home!

I'm so glad you found me.  Hi, I am Stephanie Congo and I can't wait to be part of your healing path and part of your life.  I help people find their love and ease for life through movement, breathing and meditation practices.  We work with the body, mind and breath equally to guide you to be stable and capable on your own.  My role is a life skills teacher and guide, you are the captain and I'm happy to be here as an assistant to help you get on a life track you want to be on.


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Here are some ways that you might work with me:


  • Jump into weekly yoga classes

  • Attend live online or in-person workshops

  • Create special workplace mindfulness classes with your friends or co-workers

  • Schedule me for seasonal yoga classes for your sports team

  • Register for in-person Introduction to Energy Medicine weekend trainings

  • Come with me on outdoor forest walks

  • Sign-up for private programs in yoga therapy, energy medicine, breathwork, meditation and mind-body coaching

  • Support your upcoming surgery with private sessions before and after

  • Join me for monthly experiential embodiment trainings like Jung Seminar, A.R.E. Fall forest walk or other topics

  • Sign-up your kids for kids yoga programs

  • Retreat with me in beautiful places

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"Yoga Club has started!!! 

I’m amazed at how awesome our Yoga teacher Stephanie is! 

The kids had a great time in their first meeting!


I hope you continue to make this your main yoga school to teach at."

     - Coach Martin,

Physical Education Teacher, Grahamwood Elementary School, Memphis, TN

"Thank you so much again for the energy session yesterday.  It was wonderful!  I was very relaxed. 

I could definitely feel the shift in my energies in my body today, after just one session. 

Thank you so much for being a channel of peace in this universe." 



Social Worker, Energy Client

"I LOVE Stephanie. She's absolutely amazing! When I came to visit her my body was so cranked up and I felt scattered and shattered, actually. She turned me back into my whole self again, picking up things in my body and mind that I wasn't recognizing but knew to be true. I feel such a sense of relief and peace.

Thank you!!!"


- Shanti Douglas,

Mindfulness and HeartMath® Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer, 

Owner of ​8 limbs Holistic Health, LLC,

Energy Client

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