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Nature Immersions

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“Expand your body’s natural coping mechanisms through yoga.”   Stephanie Congo


Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit.  We practice yoga to get better at life.  When we blend the three components of yoga, we can in turn be the most balanced, centered and best version of ourselves that we can offer the world.  We call it a practice because life is constantly changing and we must constantly practice our adaptation skills.  By centering the mind, moving the body and using the breath in ever-changing patterns of movement and rest, we find peace and calm.  We deepen and acknowledge the life force within each of us.  We notice the subtle shifts and changes both inside and outside of ourselves.  We are able to grow strong and take responsibility for how we create and interact in the world.



Manage Stress     Better Sleep     Lose Weight     Heal Pain     Balance Emotions     Feel Great     Restore Your Life    Improve Neuroplasticity     Become Relaxed     Build Confidence     Increase Flexibility     Build Strength     Feel Clarity


​Stephanie teaches a variety of yoga classes each week in and around Memphis, TN.  These include beginner, intermediate, chair, therapeutic, energy medicine, kids and teacher classes.  Although the classes have titles, each class is indicative of the people that arrive to each class.  Therefore, each class is a unique energetic blueprint of breathing and yoga movements based on the participants and where they are at in every single moment.

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